Radiothon Online Pledge Form (Credit/PayPal)

Donation Information

Donor Information


You may select a premium (or multiple premiums) with a lower minimum than your donation amount, as long as the combined minimum donation for each premium is equal to or less than your donation.

Example: You can donate $50 and opt to receive two hats instead of the shirt.

Any donor giving $75 or more may receive one of each premium.

Please select Yes or No for each premium you are eligible for based on your donation amount.

If you would like to receive two or more of the same premium, please note that below:

You would need to donate double the minimum pledge amount for two of that premium.

Example: To get two hats, you would have to donate $50 and would not get a shirt.

Multiples of the basics are fine within reason.

Department/Show Premiums

Additional Information

You must continue to PayPal to complete your donation. If you do not see a "Donation Submitted" message and "Make A Donation" button after you click the "Donate" button, the form did not send.
Please try to send it again.